Primary Produce Accounting for the Farm & the Farmer

Accounting & Farm Advisory

Accounting for Primary Producers: Sheep & Beef, Dairy, Horticulture & Personal

Included as Standard in your Financials:


· Benchmarking figures give peer comparison clarity and show exactly where your opportunities lie

· Personalised KPI and management accounting advice

· Cashflow plans ahead

· Tax advice, reviews, plans & consolidations

· Investment monitoring & taxation

· Reports that are personalised to you & your situation, produced while figures are fresh, in an accolade-winning presentation format every quarter

· Lifetime wealth enjoyment plans

Experience & Best Practice Advice For:


· Farm Profitability Plans - strategies and implementation!

· Structuring & implementation

· Farm buy-in support & negotiation

· Financial Projections

Benchmarking for Primary Producers
Structuring for Primary Producers
Cashflow Forecasting for Primary Producers
Lifetime Wealth Management for Primary Producers

123 Rural are specialist accountants serving primary producers - sheep & beef, dairy and horticulture in Southland and nationwide. Accounting that protects assets, preserves income and that stands up to legal scrutiny within the unique combination of family and commercial ventures that farmers work within is our sole specialty. Integrated is farm financial advisory: marketing, profitability plans, turnaround plans, structuring and succession.





You not only gain the best, most up to date advice for your exact situation in a changing world; by tapping into 123 Rural's services, you also gain some unique benchmarking opportunities – you can see and compare your own personal KPIs with the NZ and regional benchmarks, you can see where you really sit in comparison with our aggregated agricultural or horticultural field data that your books are run against. You can see how your investments are really performing - our simple presentations tell you the things the private banking reports don't! This makes for absolute clarity for realistic goal setting to suit your own personal, business, charitable and life vision & objectives.




Why - Benchmarking

Reports are usually produced regularly to suit the annual cycle and the client – in some cases our clientele sometimes feel that monthly is too often; but annually means you cant see how you’re tracking for 91.667% of the year which is much too long, especially if a key factor is going off the rails! Doing books quarterly takes up no more of your time (our systems ensure that), and, actually, very little extra of ours, because when we get to year end, the information is already mainly there – and neither of us need to try and recall what was happening up to over a year ago. So it also streamlines, and keeps costs down. And, its the most effective method of avoiding unwanted IRD Use Of Money Interest!




What - Reporting To Suit

123 Rurals' accounting services have many included extras, including a satisfaction guarantee covering all aspects of our service. You have our personal directors guarantee and direct access to the Managing Director at all times. Other guarantees include no cost on-demand information preparation; for example, if you’re capital spending and the bank needs a set of interim or special purpose financials – they are provided at no charge to you. Similarly, if you are updating your financial software you use, looking at systems to reduce or eliminate paper usage, or eg setting up to view farm matters online – then we don’t charge for the consulting and advise you’ll need with that. And, if you ever get audited - we'll be there.




What - Guarantees

123 Rural is source agnostic and use systems to suit the client – if it works for you, we’ll work with that! Some of our clientele we’ve designed custom software for, others are fine with an off the shelf solution such as Xero & Figured; others again, for specific reasons, we still use an expert-run manual system as being the quickest and best way to make sure needs are met and legal tax advantages are maximised. Talk to us about your situation and plans and we’ll use our industry expertise and intimate knowledge of the rapidly-developing world of farm software and systems to come up with the best solution for you within minutes of our first talk.




What - Choice to Suit

We work as a virtual, on-demand, collaborative CFO for you, with an emphasis on saving your time and helping to direct your time into what really matters. Accounts that tell you exactly what you need to know and what to do about it, that can be glance-read yet drilled down into, that let you manage your finances by exception not time-taking comprehension.



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What - Everything you need, nothing you don't!